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[GUIDE] How to get free coins and vote coins?

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The new system of Referencing is here!

The new system of referencing can bring back you many thing!

Thus we go to see to reach it together how and how to take advantage of this system!

First of all, connect you on the site:


Click on "  Refer a friend "


Having to click above, you will be redirected on this page:


  • In red we have the link with which (s) you friend (s) can build up themselves an account and download the game.
  • In blue we have the rewards, after this person has to create its account via the link, it is necessary to you to wait until she reaches the levels. At every reached level 60/90/105 you go to receive Vote for present planned Corners in the table of the prices.
  • In green this is your table of referencing, this one will be useful to have of the vision if you arrange several people who it are registered with your link, dice which they will reach the levels 60/90/105, one "✓" Will appear, it is a way simpler to have the eye on the referenced people.

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