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[GUIDE] Sash System

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  • Hash is a piece of visible equipment such as armor and weapon.
  • It will be equipped on the screen of the wardrobe system using the costume icon Icono_Vestuario.png
  • Hash have no expiration time
  • It can be used from level 1


Hash can absorb weapons and armor bonuses, the percentage of absorption depends on their degree of quality. The higher the quality, the higher the percentage of absorption.

It is possible to improve a hash after the absorption of the bonus, these bonus vary according to the new quality, however, calculated on the "base" of the sacrificed object. The weapon or armor used for the absorption, is destroyed after the end of the process. To withdraw the absorbed bonus (and therefore be able to repeat the process), you must to use T%C3%ADtulo_de_retroceso.png Reverse title, available in ItemShop.



Absorption process:

  • In the left slot we will place the hashwe want to improve.
  • In the slot on the right you can put an armor or a weapon, you must be careful, because it will be destroyed.
  • Absorption of the bonus will be 100% (all bonuses).
  • There is no maximum number of bonuses to add.
  • The amount of absorption will depend on the hash quality.

To create a hash, you must talk to Theowahdan, located in each city1 of each kingdom.


Once we speak with Theowahdan, an information panel will appear (which will be translated into Spanish) and among the options you can select the "Fabricate Estola"

TzJ98fK.png nXVN1iy.png

The necessary materials 80019.png 70251.png  70252.png  70253.png 31052.png to create these hash you can get them in all bosses.


As has been seen, hash have a degree of absorption. This degree of absorption is the percentage that will have the hash of the bonuses of the object that is used for said absorption.

The absorption of the Personalized hash can be improved, that is, if you have a personalized hash of 11% absorption, it can be combined with another personalized hash to try to improve its absorption percentage.

This action will lead to a random increase in absorption or, in the worst case, it will stay like this.

It is convenient to note that if this action is carried out with a 20% hash , for example, and it is combined with an 11% hash, the resulting one will be at least 20%, with the option of leaving a higher absorption.

That is, the random percentage that results from the successful combination will never be less than the percentage of the hash that is placed at the top when the combination is made.

  • Note: It can also be the case that the combination is successful and the hash does not improve its percentage. This is because of a successful combination the stole can improve from 0% up to 5%, maximum.
  • Note 2: From the absorption degree 19% the hash will present a shine in it.


You can also buy stoles already created in the Item Shop, Hash sold have a 1% absorption so you must combine several to increase the degree of absorption:


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