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[GUIDE] How to use Dragon Soul System

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Dss boton.png How to activate the Dragon Soul System (DSS) Dss boton.png

When you reach level 30 you can start using the alchemy system by doing a simple mission.


To start this mission you must talk to the alchemist and then you will have to kill enemies to get 3 Dragon stone fragmentsFragmento de piedra dragón.png.




After delivering the 3 dragon stone fragments the alchemy system will be finally activated and you will receive a Cor DraconisCor Draconis (en bruto).png. To access the alchemy inventory you can press the "O" button or using the special inventory icon Dss boton.png. You can get Dragon Soul Stones 2ddcf8ec1a266934f9e8f51fd8d7fc94.png by opening Cor Draconis.


Archivo:Diamante en bruto claro.pngHow to Upgrade Dragon Soul Stones Archivo:Diamante en bruto claro.png


The system is divided into 6 types of stones which are the "Base" of all: Diamond, Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Garnet and Onyx. As the following image shows to each stone belongs a color.


To upgrade your DS Stones you have to talk with the alchemist and acces to the DragonStone-Upgrade Window. You can improve the class, clarity and level of DS stones. 




Diamante raro de dragón (excelente).png  Class Upgrade  Diamante raro de dragón (excelente).png

To upgrade the class you need more Dragon stones of the same class

Put the needed dragon stone in the appropriate slots and click “refine”.

The process can fail and when it fails you will keep one stone with the lower class.



Rubí raro de dragón (excelente).png Clarity Upgrade Rubí raro de dragón (excelente).png

To upgrade the clarity you need more Dragon stones of the same clarity

Put the needed dragon stone in the appropriate slots and click “refine”.

The process can fail and when it fails you will keep one stone of the same clarity grade.




Jade raro de dragón (excelente).png  Stone Level  Jade raro de dragón (excelente).png

But there is one more surprise, each stone can be increased from +0 to +6 depending on the class and clarity they are in. 
The higher the level the higher are the bonus on the dragon stone. The next table shows you how much the stones can be improved.


As you can see only the Legendary and Excellent stones can be upgraded to +6.


Zafiro raro de dragón (excelente).png  Level Upgrade  Zafiro raro de dragón (excelente).png

For this kind of upgrade you need an additional item:
A GreenAlubia Verde del Dragón.png, blue Alubia Azul del dragón.png or purple Alubia Rosa del dragón.png Dragon Bean.
Put the bean and one dragon stone in the appropriate slots and select “refine".

The refinement can fail, in this case The dragon stone level is reduced by or remains unchanged.



Ã�nice raro de dragón (excelente).png DS Stones Attributes Ã�nice raro de dragón (excelente).png

 there are 3 categories of bonus: the bonuses that are always present in the Stone, the resistances which are always present in the stone after entering the category Antique / Legendary and random bonus that can be between 0 and 3.

And what is the relationship of the bonus with the class? Bonuses do not appear all at once, in fact that will never happen. Improving the class make appear more bonus on the same stone.

The following Image shows the bonus by the respective class:


The clarity and level of the gem will affect the value of the attributes it will have. the better clarity and the higher level the higher the bonuses will be.


Granate en bruto brillante.png Bonus table of Dragon Stones in Jotuns2.Granate en bruto brillante.png



Zafiro raro claro.png How to use Dragon Souls Stones Zafiro raro claro.png

To equip a DS Stone drag it in to the correct slot or click on the stone. after that the stone will be equiped but the time of the stone won't be reduced until you activate the system. Only when the system is active you will have the bonuses.


All gems have 24 hours of time and these time is only reduced when the system is activated. To remove a DS Stone of their slot you can use the Dragon Tongs Tenaza del dragon.png. Using this item the stone will be removed successfully always. You can find this item at the General Store.



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