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[GUIDE - EVENT] Combat Zone (Daily event)

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What kind of event is it?

The Combat zone event is a PVP event with one against all mode.

It is an automatic event that will be held every day and in which the fighters will enter the arena to fight to obtain "Combat Points".

To participate in the event it is necessary to have a minimum level of 50 or more

How to participate in the event?

When the event is active, a notification will appear in the bottom right of the screen named "Combat Zone"

QAXVKq5.png Clicking on the button will take you to the following screen:



  • RED: Button to access the Combat Zone map
  • BLUE: Daily schedule in which the event will start and when it will end
  • YELLOW: Weekly and total ranking of the players who participated in the event
  • GREEN: Event description
  • ORANGE: Accumulated points in Combat Zone


How many points do I earn and how do I save the points?

For each player you kill you will receive 1 Combat Point, in order to save the points in your player's account it is necessary to have a minimum of 5 points or more.

At any time you can leave the event by clicking on the "Exit" button that will appear at the bottom of the status bar.



What prize do I get for participating in the event?

With the points obtained in the event you can buy special items in the Combat Zone Seller. (Objects may vary in price and type depending on the circumstances)


But that's not all, in addition every week the Weekly Ranking will be reset to 0 Points and the first three players will be awarded a medal on the character indicating what position they have been that week in the Combat Zone Raking, then we leave you a example.



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